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But as I expanded older, the word in addition turned a derogatory label for homosexuals

But as I expanded older, the word in addition turned a derogatory label for homosexuals


Jamaicans make reference to mildew and most different fungal developments – specially on towel, surfaces, and walls – as junjo. One follower briefly describes below.


Expanding up, I heard this word (pronounced one of the ways or perhaps the some other) used as an obscure but significant insult your hurled at some body you seriously disliked.

Jointly Jamaican friend explained to me personally in a myspace opinion, aˆ?it’s my job to use it to berate somebody in my opinion getting uncouth or unbecomingaˆ?. The guy additionally given that the phase tends to be made use of most for males than women.


Towards the uninitiated, aˆ?batacrep’ is actually mention of the [a] battered crep – aˆ?crep’ becoming the flat soled shoes… The battered or aˆ?batta’ in that was referring to its condition, [as] typically truly one thing people of the period has on usually until it was worn out, torn, and torn, while they comprise costly [to replace].

Obviously, are when compared with a set of worn out, dirty (once upon a time) white shoes is certainly not a praise.


Some international artistes use the term Bangarang within musical, and I’ve always wondered as long as they know what it suggested. Like the brother hataclaps, bangarang makes reference to a trouble or disturbance. This will probably be a loud sounds, or somebody who is up to no-good.

Hataclaps is somewhat much more serious than a bangarang, and it is much more similar to a life threatening problems. But both terms commonly utilized interchangeably.


A mampy are a grossly overweight individual. While I’ve largely read they always explain guys, over weight females have had this name hurled at them too.