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Keeping your shirt on is a pet peeve especially during sex

Keeping your shirt on is a pet peeve especially during sex

We get upstairs. I’m still in panties. He kept his shirt on. Shit gets hot, don’t heat it up with excessive fabric. He was fumbling around. It was almost like he was naive to the whole act. I tried to push past it. I need to stop letting myself push past things. So I pulled out on of my wands and thought mutual masturbation would make it hot. I even offered a blow job. Until he basically sat on my chest…. no.

So when he sat on my chest, I became so dry that I faked an orgasm while using a magic wand. It is TALENT to fake a MW orgasm. Those things will leave you speaking tongue and thanking whomever you praise. In my preference, I thank all of the Japanese men who build these beautiful fucking things. On ward. Tried going back to mutual masturbation, in hopes I would get turned back on. Nothing, in fact the wand was too powerful to lay on my cunt. The lube was too far away and would give away I was dry as fuck.

Absolutely one of those awkward nights. Eventually he came. I was so turned off I didn’t even want the cum on me. I feel bad because I made him jerk off, but I also don’t feel bad. We didn’t even have sex. After that I did my yawn gig and had him leave.

Which was awesome, because anyone who knows me knows I love “hole in the wall” pizza joints

Back to just my husband, I spent a short time dating E, and well, E turned out to be not that reliable, which sucks. Every other day communication is my minimum. I haven’t heard from him for about 2 weeks. I even planned to go up and visit him, but since he didn’t bother with phone calls, I didn’t bother furthering my plans. Which, sucked because he was pretty awesome to me. He might still be awesome, but I need…munication, it’s key for a healthy relationship. Plus with things that had very recently happened in my own household focusing on my primary and first relationship is pretty much my biggest priority.